My Doernbecher Story

Sophie and Evan's Story

Our Mommy was put on moderate best rest on June 8th being told she was starting to dialate we were far to little to be born. Two weeks went by and at her next appointment she had dialated farther so she was put on strict bed rest and had appointmets every week to check on how we were doing and to create a plan to go into the hospital. At her last appointment before she was admitted Mommy and Daddy talked with the Doctor about what to do. It was decided to check Mommy's dialation so they could make the best decision possible. When the Doctor checked there was no question she needed to be in the hospital and a wheel chair came and wisked her to the Labor and Delivery unit at OHSU. When she arrived she was hooked up to IVs and fetal monitors and given indocin to stop any contractions and steroids and magnesium to help our brains and lungs develop. On Friday night (July 13 2012) after the 48 hours needed for the steroids to take full effect the Doctors took her off the indocin. Saturday was a day of pampering for mommy. Her nurse to special care to give her a shower and make sure her bed was extra comfy and to make sure she was able to eat. Saturday night for dinner Daddy went down to the cafeteria and Mommy ordered in a grilled cheese. By the time Daddy came back she had finished 1/2 of her sandwich and the contractions started. We'll spare you the icky gooey details but we were born by c-section on July 14, 2012 Sophie at 11:43 PM and Evan at 11:46 PM. The amazing neonatal team was ready and waiting to stablize us so we could start our long journey home.

103 days later we are still in the hospital getting the best care possible and can't wait to go home!!

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