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Skyler's Story

Skyler was born on August 20 2003 eight years ago and he is one amazing little guy. He was born with unilateral cleft lip and palate cardiopulmonary hypertension, ventricular subtle defect upper and lower chambers of his heart which is no longer an issue the holes got smaller over time, diaphragmatic hernia which was repaired when he was 6 days old and an under developed left lung, and lastly he had a feeding tube in his tummy because of the cleft lip and palate he was unable to suck and use a bottle.

All of his medical conditions were very scary for me as his parent. I had to learn a lot about how to take care of him when I brought him home. Skyler is so amazing and I want to thank the Nicu at Doernbechers for all the great care he received. The adventure has only begun and we still have a long road ahead but it is not as fearful to me as it once was 8 years ago. Skyler is now today battling speech issues and he is on medication for Adhd. He is doing well and it is small steps and one day at a time with Skyler some hurdles have been big but together we have jumped them. Thanks for reading our story.


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