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Sherry's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Sherry's Story

I was at Dorenbecker before it was a separate building. The top two floors of OHSU hospital were Dorenbecker. My first visit to Dorenbecker was when I was three months old. My brother was there with double lung pneumonia. I was on the other floor of Dorenbecker in ICU with febrile seizures (multiple seizures as a baby, called status when your older).

The other time I was in Dorenbeker, I was 15. I had gone through a year of grand mal seizures and prescribed drug overdoses. A local doctor finally ordered a CAT scan and found a brain tumor. Mom and I got home from having the test done, we had been home about 15 minutes and the local doctor called.. The results weren't suppose to be available for a few days. The doctor had us come down to his office. He took mom back to talk to him. The client was closed, I was the only one in the waiting room. Dad came in and walked straight back without saying hi. The nurses were saying Dr. Isom, Dorenbecker, and tomorrow among other things. I knew I must have a brain tumor or cancer before I went back and joined them. We went up to Dorenbecker early the next day (Thursday). I went through a couple more tests and had surgery the following Monday. I was in surgery for 11 hours, the doctor had told my parents it would be about three. When I first woke up I'm told both eyes were swollen shut!

and I thought I was blind. The part of ICU is waking up with giant machines all around me. After that surgery, I was seizure free and medicine free for four-and-a-half years. 23 years later I had surgery to remove scar tissue and the dead tissue underneath from radiation. I had a few more seizures after the surgery but I've been seizure free for about seven years at this time.

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