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Shelby's Story

Late Christmas night, 2010, my daughter Shelby (who was a healthy 12-year-old at the time) had a grand mal seizure while with her dad. She appeard to quit breathing, so he gave her CPR while waiting for the paramedics. They rushed her to Doernbecher, as I raced across town to get there.

A few days later, a follow-up MRI with our regular insurance carrier was done. Before we were home from that appointment, her doctor called to tell us there was an abnormality in her MRI, and we were referred to a doctor at Doernbecher that very afternoon. We were terrified! Her father's family has a history of brain tumors, so we didn't know what to expect, but feared the worst.

Four days later she was in surgery at Doernbecher. A very small, rather unusual tumor in a very influential place was removed. The medical staff and other employees were outstanding, and we were eternally grateful! Two days later we were home. The tumor, thank God, was benign.

Then in late April of this year, Shelby had another seizure. Another late night at Doernbecher. A few days later, we were told that the tumor had reoccurred. Another surgery in June. Dr. Selden removed the remainder of the tumor, and it will hopefully never return! We're ready for this traumatic chapter our lives to be closed.

Today, Shelby is a happy, healthy high school freshman. She's doing great in school, is active in the band, and has an outstanding group of friends.

Doernbecher has been an huge blessing in our lives! Patients come from all over the Northwest for treatment, but this amazing hospital is only 20 minutes away for us. We are so very thankful to God for everyoone there!

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