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Sara's Story

My 13 year old cousin Sara suffered a seizure in November of 2013. She was taken to our local hospital, where they told us she would be temporarily paralyzed on her left side, and was discharged a few hours later. A couple days later she was not showing signs of improvement, and was transported to Doernbecher's, where she had an MRI done and was diagnosed with having a stroke. Over the following month and a half, Sara had three surgeries on her skull, and underwent intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy in order to rehabilitate her. Without the expertise and care of her many doctors and nurses at Doernbecher, Sara wouldn't be where she is today, physically or emotionally. Sara is walking on her own with a brace, and has a remarkable outlook on her situation, despite still waiting on movement in her left arm. Doernbecher's amazing staff not only helped Sara in her recovery, but has given our family incredible support and resources as we have gone through this journey along side her, and we couldn't be more grateful!

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