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Ryan's Story

At our 18 week ultrasound the doctors detected that Ryan had a Bilaterally duplicated Renal System and would need further monitoring with ultrasounds. We were shocked as we didn't really know what this meant, what the outcome would be. At 26 weeks the ultrasound showed a normal left kidney but the right kidney had hydronephrosis. We were put in contact with Cathy Cromett who arranged for us to meet Dr. Bayne a Pediatric Urologist at Doernbecher. He was amazing and gave my husband and I all the possible scenario's and would see Ryan once he was born. It was nice to have that connection before Ryan was born.

Ryan was born September 6th. About a day later he developed jaundice that kept getting worse. We tried the bili blanket but he ended up needing to go to the NICU. He had an ABO incompatibility (he A , me O ) and began to drop his hematocrit (he was lysing his red cells). He was put under intense Phototherapy lights as well as the bili blanket. The nurses and doctors were amazing! I stayed in the unit and they woke me every 2 hours to nurse Ryan. They let me do some of his care and I never felt like I was in their way. We got discharged about 40 hours later. He needed labs for some time to monitor his counts. The lab girls on the 7th floor of Doernbecher are SO wonderful and skilled. Dr. Hargunani was so supportive during this whole time and would call us at home to discuss Ryan's blood counts as well if we had questions about our visits with Urology. We are continuing follow up with Dr. Bayne and his amazing team. Ryan has had continuous Ultrasounds and 2 VCUG's.!

The right kidney has severe hydronephrosis but is functioning at this time. He may need surgery in the future to correct the issue. No matter what happens, we know he is at the best place with the most skilled teams of Doctors, Nurses and support staff. We feel cared for, we have never felt rushed at our appointments and we feel like part of the family at Doernbecher's.

Doernbecher has the top Doctors and this is why both our children receive care here! We feel truly blessed :-) Beverly

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