My Doernbecher Story

Rhonda's Story

My son was born June 20, 1991 at Eugen Sacred Heart in Eugene. Two days after he was struggling , so they started treatment for cystic fibrosis even though we hadnt been diagnosed yet. He had meconium Ileus and had to have surgery.

To make a long story short he went to Doernbecher for three more surgeries 4 months in and out with complications and not thriving.

He struggled his 17 years with cystic fibrosis and stayed at Doernbecher every time No other hospital would do. They were always comforting.

My son passed away nov 25 2008 with pulmonary hypertension and on the way to transplant. He suddenly died in hospital having cardiac arrest after being there for 14 days, but i know that he would not have lived to be a teenager and a happy one without the help of child life Doernbecher and OHSU. That childrens hospital became a vacation spot for my son, because he could play his video games watch endless movies, turn his room into a bedroom and have his friends visit into the night. He loved his nurses and wanted to be a respiratory therapist because of the great people who took care of him.

His quote was "make the most of everyday, you never know when your gonna go."

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