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Rebecca's Story

my boys were born June 2nd 2012 at 29 weeks and 1 day 11 weeks early from a due date of august 17th. Eoghan (owen) was 2lbs 13 oz and Peyton was 3lbs 4 oz. i had them via emergency c-section at OHSU. 10 days after my c-section i went back in for another emergency surgery for a hematoma removal (blood clot) 550cc. i had a wound vac for 5 weeks. my boys spent 2 months in the NICU at Doernebecher. Thanks to March of Dimes and Doernebecher staff i have my family. this is the scariest thing i have ever been threw and am suffering from alot of complications of the c-section as well as PTSD. But my boys are doing fantastic. i could not breast feed due to the early birth c section and extreme infection after. but the boys have gained 11 pounds each since there birth. They have been home for almost 3 months and i am so grateful for there lives. always remember "Cherish today, Tomorrow is never promised"


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This photo is so beautiful!! Congratulations and best wishes for better and better health. Your tiny babes will probably be rowdy toddlers before you know it.

Posted Nov 7 2012 04:47:55:127PM