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Porter's Story

I knew as soon as he was born something wasn't right, his head loked and felt strange. The doctor told me it is just from being in the birth canal...I wasn't convinced, at 4 months old I still felt something was wrong, so we got a second opinion and had some tests done and sure enough he had sagittal craniosynostosis, (he didn't have soft spots) His Skull was unable to grow and expand to his growing brain, pressure was building up and surgery was the only option. We were terrified at the thought of the risky surgerya nd what all could go wrong, but scared of the possiblities if we choose not to move forward. The Cranio team was wonderful, he Had surgery at 6 months and they completely rebuilt his skull and gave him soft spots. He was in speech therapy for a slight delay but other than that he has had no other delays or side effects. He just celebrated his fifth Birthday and is doing great! We are so greatful for Doernbechers adn the wonderful staff for helping our little man!

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