My Doernbecher Story

Morgyn's Story

I was born in October in 1989 with a condition called hydrocephalus and a shunt was placed a few weeks after birth. In 1992 Dr. Joseph Piatt replaced the shunt on three separate occasions within a 7-week period. All was well until 1997 when Dr. Piatt operated again and revised the shunt and there was an intervetricular hemorrhage that Dr. Piatt watched very closely and all turned out well. In 1999 the Shunt malfunctioned again and was replaced by Dr. Piatt. In 2008, Dr. Selden revised the shunt and I was out of the hospital two days later. Both of the doctor's were very nice and compassionate to my family and I. I also saw both of these doctor's yearly in between revisions for follow up exams. I always felt that they had my best interest at heart and that they both knew what they were doing. It gave both my parents and myself a piece of mind. Both doctor's were mindful that we lived in Southern Oregon and so when it came to follow up visits if at all possible the visits took place in the Bend or Eugene out reach clinics. Dr. Selden also helped to arrange for transition to an adult neurosurgeon when that time came that was closer to home, which was helpful. Thank you to both of these doctor's and their staff for all that they have done for me!

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