My Doernbecher Story

Miles' Story

On a average cold spring day In April of 2010. My son Miles started swelling and complaining of headaches. My first thought was he was allergic to something. Upon arriving at Prineville Hospital The ER Doctor wasted no time in evaluating his symptoms. They were very alarmed at how high his blood pressure was and how his other test came back. Miles Kidneys began to fail and the Doctor said" it was best that he be flown to Doernbechers". Upon arriving there we were greeted by the Best Team of specialist that deal with Kidneys. Miles had to stay there for over a week so he could get stable and take treatments for this disease . There isnt any words other then Amazing that comes to mind to describe how This hospital staff ect. All worked together to save my sons life. The Doctors and Nurces all had such love and compassion in how they treated my son. Even after he was released and had to do monthly then every 6 months to yearly follow up the staff continued to call inregards to his health and how he was doing.. Miles isn't out of the woods he still has to be seen yearly but it would be possiable for him to even be around if it wasn't for the medical dections and care that he recieved while he was going threw this life changing ordeal. THANK YOU TO ALL THE DOCTORS AND SPECIALIST THAT HELPED SAVE MY SONS LIFE..Doernbechers is the best hospital ever..

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