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MaLea's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

MaLea's Story

My daughter MaLea who was just 7 months old was acting funny and not herself she was very cranky had a fever and wouldn't eat I took her into the ED and they ran a bunch of test blood, urine, chest x-ray and ultrasound. After all that we were sent home after being told she had the flu and to giver a fever reducer and let her sleep should she get worse bring her back. Well, we went to a diff hospital 4 hours later when I went to check on her and she wouldn't wake up and I then noticed a horrid rash. We were there when the Dr told me the worst thing I would have ever imagined my daughter had Meningococcemia and she might not survive. We were then transported by the PANDA plane from Astoria Oregon to Doernbechers and that is where my daughter spent the next 33 days in the PICU and then 67 days on the regular peds floor for a total of 100 days. This was in no way and easy stay including life support almost 30 surgeries feeding tubes colostomy bag skin grafts and amputations but !
this is where MY DAUGHTERS LIFE WAS SAVED. Without them and the amazing miracle that they did my beautiful daughter would not be here today!

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