My Doernbecher Story

Macy and Hailey's Story

At our routine 28wk ultrasound our identical girls were suddenly in trouble. The pregnancy had no problems up to this point, but now the twins had developed twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Less than 24 hours later Hailey and Macy were born by emergency c-section. Hailey weighed in at 2lb, 3oz and was on a ventilator. Macy was bigger and stronger at 2lb 13oz.
Hailey and Macy were at risk for so many complications from their premature birth, and there were times we were afraid we might never take home our girls. On January 9, 2010 the twins were released, they had stayed just 67 days.
We just celebrated the twins' 2nd Birthday, and if you didn't know it you would never guess they were premature. They have no medical problems, no allergies, are caught up on their growth chart, and outsmart us daily with their ablility to overcome child safety devices. :)
We are so grateful for everything DNCC and March of Dimes did for us during our stay. We have formed Team Bohnke, and to date our team has raised over $7000 for March for Babies. We want everyone to have a happy ending like ours! Thank you!!!!

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