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Ladd's Story, by Jen - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Ladd's Story, by Jen

When you have your first child, you hope and pray that he or she is healthy and happy. When Ladd was born, he seemed perfect in every way....until I noticed at around six months old, he was not reaching his milestones. His behavior was odd, he wasn't talking, tantrums were a weekly occurrence.

After I did my own research online I recognized Ladd displayed several symptoms associated with autism. At the age of 2.5, I brought Ladd to OHSU to be tested for autism. The OHSU CDRC confirmed my suspicions. The team was so supportive and the doctor educated me on therapies and early intervention treatments.

Now my 8 year-old son is a social butterfly (the girls LOVE him). He excels in academics, plays basketball and baseball, plays piano, remembers EVERYTHING and can tell you what year you were born if you tell him your age. He is my proudest accomplishment and I could not have realized this level of success had it not been for the early diagnosis and guidance from OHSU!

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