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Kristin's Story

Hi :) My name is Kristin. I am 12 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 9 years old on April 13th. I've had it for 3 years now.
My mom was taking health courses at the time at Lane Community College in Florence, Oregon. She noticed I looked really sick, but I told her I felt just fine. She would ask if I were okay a lot. We have a friend who has type 1, so one day, we borrowed her meter. We checked my blood sugar and it was over 200. I was very scared. My mom dropped off my younger brother, William, at my uncle and aunts house and took me to the hospital. They drew my blood and all that happy stuff (not really! Haha!). Good news, is that I wasn't in as bad of a condition as most type one's would walk into the hospital who were undiagnosed. They didn't explain to my parents very well what was going on. They sent me to Eugene, to Riverbend, and my parents were told that I had type 1 diabetes. I was so scared. I asked my mom if I was going to die. That was probably the most painful question I've ever asked :'(. But I was told that everything would be okay.
I slept.
Things were going pretty okay. They then sent me to Dorenbecher's Children's hospital. It was HUGE!!! I was amazed. When we got to my hospital room, like 6 doctors walked in!! I felt like I was in one of those hospital drama shows! Haha!! I met my wonderful doctor, Doctor. Katherine Woods! She's so amazing and I'm so comfortable with her :)
After 2 days in Dorenbechers, I was sent home. I was kinda sad to go actually, I would miss all the doctors and people I befriended.
I LOVE to sing. And when I was diagnosed, I was afraid I wasn't gonna be able to sing again. Man, was I wrong. I act, sing, and dance! all while having type one. I am so grateful that it can't and never will stop me â?¥.
I see Dr. Woods every 4-5 months. It's always nice to say hello to the people we met then.
The positive thing that came from this experience is that it's changed who I am. I feel like it's made me a much better person than who I used to be.
Too all of those who have been diagnosed, Stay strong, stay hopeful, and keep doing the things you love. Show that nothing will and never can stop you. And I have to tell you, its kind of an adventure. You meet new people, see new things, and learn a lot. And, you get to eat when other people cant! Haha! :)
I love all my fellow type one's!! And I know one day there will be a cure :)
Stay strong, love you all

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