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Kawika's Story

My name is Kawika and I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. On Febuary 12, 2014 I was in P.E class and something weird happened. I had a STROKE! It felt really weird and I was scared, I didn't know what was happening to my body. When they took me to Doernbecher PICU, they took such good care of me, they did so much tests on me, they found a blood clot in my neck that had traveled up to my brain and caused my stroke. They were not sure how or why my blood clotted the way it did. I went from not being able to talk and move the right side of my body to now (1 1/2 months later!!) I can walk and run!! I am still working on talking and getting better at it every day with the help of the great nurses and doctors at Doernbecher and with the love and support from my ohana (family), I BELIEVE I will make a full recovery one day!!!!!


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Dear Kawika, you were so blessed to have the wonderful, caring, professional Drs. and nurses and X-ray technicians that cared for you during your stay there. They made your recovery come sooner, along with all the love, prayers and support from Family and Friends! Thank God for Doernbecher Children's Hospital! Love you Kawika!!!!!

Posted Apr 4 2014 06:34:01:763PM

Lisa Sagapolu

Kawika, you are so strong and have so much support from your amazing family! With God's help, I know you will make a complete and full recovery. I am so impressed and proud of the amazing progress you've made so far. Love you!

Posted Apr 3 2014 05:41:03:943PM

Tami Biddington

You are a strong, brave young man and I am so happy you are recovering so quickly. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. I BELIEVE, you will too.

Posted Apr 2 2014 06:56:19:477PM

Dora Doroha

We live in Waialua,Hawaii and would like to thank you for helping with his recovery. My grandson is a close friend of his and his family are as well. This boy is a tough fighter and everyday makes us all proud of his progress. Keep it up Kawika !!!

Posted Apr 2 2014 03:18:40:693AM

Teresa Sabido

God bless you Kawika and we are so glad that he has made you better and that you are doing a great job recovering. your parents are one of a kind and so are you. we hope to see you again when you come home.. love to you all

Posted Apr 1 2014 09:10:19:743AM