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Katie's Story

I'm 18 years old. I'm a nursing student at University of Portland. I graduated in the top 8 percent of my high school class. I was part of the Royal Crowns dance team, where I was team captain, all state athlete and state champion. I love my dogs, Italian food and Gray's Anatomy. And when I was six years old, I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia.

We all know what happens in the treatment for cancer. Chemo and radiation, hair loss and nausea. But would you like to know a secret? I never had any of that. I had Gleevec. Because of Brian Druker, my life is as I described it to you.

Dr. Druker began developing Gleevec the same year that I was born, and it was FDA approved just one month before I was diagnosed. And if you want to talk about timing, that's some of the best that I've ever heard.

It's because of the Knight Cancer Institute that this timing is possible. It's because of the Knight Cancer Institute that Brian Druker was able to develop this groundbreaking new drug. It's because of Brian that I got to carry a first place trophy back to my dance team at state. And it's because of the Knight Cancer Institute that I'm going to school to become a nurse.


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Shirley Ira

I remember that awful day when her mom, Karen, got the call to return to the hospital before she got home because of Katie's blood count. I am very thankful for Dr. Druker and his hard work. I am so very thankful to have watched Katie grow up and become the wonderful young lady she is today. I am so proud she has chose to purse a career in nursing. I would love to see her come join us at OHSU!

Shirley (Katie's pseudo Auntie) and 30 year OHSU employee!

Posted Mar 25 2014 08:40:23:310PM