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Kari's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Kari's Story

I owe everything to OHSU Childrens hospital. In my eyes they saved my daughters life. At 5 years old for a week straight we were in and out of Kasier with tummy pains, high white blood count and all they came up with was UTI. She could barely walk she is in so much pain. Saturday morning urent care, doc sends us to Doernbecher for another evaluation. Right away they said you are not going anywhere till we determine the cause. She had breaken out, body was shutting down trying to fight an infection so bad.

Within hours RUPTURED APENDIX. It had ruptured maybe 1-2 days prior to being diagnosed. We were kept there where we continued to stay off and on for months. Home with PICC lines and finally after infection was killed off we had surgery 2 weeks before Christmas. Fighting back tears right now I want to say thank you so much. (She was sent home Oct 26th with a PICC line, this was her birthday turning 6) She is happy and healthy and I owe it you. I could have lost my baby girl

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