My Doernbecher Story

Jaxon's Story

Our son Jaxon was born April 26,2012. When he was born he was purple and we could not get him to cry. His pediatritan came in and took Jaxon away. They said his lungs were not developed all the way. So his dad and I tried to take a nap. Than a nurse came in and told us his doctor was trying to get ahold of us. So when we talked to her she had told us,that jaxons heart was not getting proper blood flow and the 2 main valves were switched. And he is going to Portland to OHSU. I was released from the hospital the next day and we went straight to Portland. Went and visited Jaxon than got a room at the RMDH. When Jaxon was a week old he went into surgery. When he got out of surgery he was in ICU than he was taken out. He then got a case of svt and was back in and out of icu for a week. When Jaxon was finally a month old he was released and was oxygen until he was 4 months old.

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