My Doernbecher Story

James' Story

We learned of our son's soon to be lifelong condition at the mid-pregnancy ultrasound: Spina Bifida. James was born at OHSU in June 2010 and immediately had surgery to close the hole in his back followed by several days of recovery in the Doernbecher NeoNatal Care Center. At six weeks he had emergency surgery to place a shunt needed for the hydrocephalus that had developed as a result of having SB. He returned again at 16 months for surgery to remove a cyst that was causing fluid blockage and cord pressure in his spine.

In between there have been many more trips to Doernbecher. Everything from routine well baby care to emergency room visits. From numerous appointments with specialists to a hospitalization for a serious infection. Through it all he has been our 'lil Trooper and we can only hope his sunny disposition continues to charm the nurses for years to come. He is able to accomplish more and more every day and we are so proud of him. We love you James!

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