My Doernbecher Story

Jadyn's Story

In December of 2012 our sweet Jadyn began vomiting with little warning on occasion and having sporadic headaches and times where she was complaining that her head felt 'busy'. From December to late February this continued. Although all of this was not normal for a happy, outgoing and socially active kiddo it only happened every once in awhile. Some weeks nothing would happen at all. In early March Jadyn just came to us and said she wanted to go to bed and that she had a headache - it was 2PM on a Sunday after Church. This was not normal, and a flag went up immediately. We started to triangulate the previous weeks, and we were really concerned. On Wednesday of that next week she had an early AM MRI which uncovered a tumor at St. Vincent hospital in NW Portland (where she was born and took her first breath of life). She was immediately taken by ambulance with her mother to OHSU NICU unit where we learned from her amazing OHSU Neurological team that a tumor was in her head that would need to be removed. Jadyn was in surgery for 9 hours under the wonderful care of Dr. Baird. Dr. Baird started the procedure by braiding her hair since she knew Jadyn would not be able to wash it for the next month, and the rest of the work that she did saved her life. The tumor was successfully removed and the days leading up to this miracle which felt like 1 long day were met by a one best case scenario after another. Jadyn had her last post-op MRI last fall and she is still showing a healthy recovery with annual MRI's scheduled for the coming years. We were blessed that week that Jadyn came home with us, and look forward to many years of supporting Dorenbecher's mission.

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