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Debbie's Story

It's hard to believe as I type this that my son is 19 soon to be 20 and he is alive and the amazing young man he is because of Doernbecher and the amazing heart doctors.

David Matthew Trainor came into this world on Nov. 5th 1993 with little chance of survival. Cardiac asplenia was his diagnosis and the docs had prepared me for the worst. David had been diagnosed in utero just months before and we had been told that he had just a one in five chance of living.
Dr. Mary Rice and her fellow cardiologists along with Dr. Cobanaglo were the beginning of the team that has loved my son and helped save his life. To tell David's full story would take more pages than I could type here but today, because my son has such an amazing spirit and because we have been blessed to have the doctors of Doernbecher my son thrives. He is a published author, talented artist and set to to go places most people said he would never go..
I think of Dr. Rice and the doctors all of the time. The nurses, the staff and everyone saved my son and kept his mother from loosing her mind. I owe so much to all of them..we are truly a success story and I am so grateful to be able to say that!!

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