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David's Story

Our son, David, has a rare disorder called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. He had struggled with GI symptoms for most of his life and we had always assumed he had a bad case of GERD. Finally, things got much worse for him when he was 5 and about to start kindergarten. He was vomiting nearly every day and complaining of stomach and throat pain. We were referred to Dr. Annie Terry. She was very kind to David and answered all of our questions about his first endoscopy.

After that endoscopy, we realized that he had a serious problem due to the inflammation the found in his esophagus. Once the biopsy results came back, Dr. Terry called us personally to tell us what our next steps would be.

Fortunately, David has had an easier course for this disease than most children. He has some dietary restrictions but once we got the correct diagnosis his health has improved immensely. When people saw him after his diagnosis and he started feeling better, they all could see what a big change had happened for him.

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