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Cohen's Story

We found out at my 18-week ultrasound that our son Cohen had a club foot. After our orthopaedist had put two casts on Cohen’s foot, he referred us to Dr. Halsey at Doernbecher.

Dr. Halsey was great. He explained Cohen needed to have surgery, but first he would need to have four different casts on his foot. The casts are normally changed once a week, but since we live in Grants Pass, Dr. Halsey arranged to accelerate the procedure by doing two casts per week, so we only had to make the trip to Portland twice.

Our nurse practitioner, Jeanette, knew we needed to find a place to stay near the hospital when Cohen would be getting his casts. She sent us to the Ronald McDonald House. Everyone there was so friendly and supportive, and the accommodations were excellent. Having a place like that to stay nearby made everything so much easier and more comfortable.

Our experience at Doernbecher was just as impressive. The surgery was over in 30 minutes. Everyone - the nurses, doctors, anesthesiologist - were so understanding and compassionate. They made us feel like we were in very competent hands.

We will be going back to Doernbecher to have Cohen fitted for braces. I’m sure when he’s a teenager, he’ll have no memory of the surgery or the braces; He’ll just feel like a normal kid. We owe so much to Dr. Halsey and the whole Doernbecher orthopaedic team for that.

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