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Chad's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Chad's Story

My son Chad was on a kayaking trip with his dad when Chad's kayak overturned in the frigid water. His dad and the rescuers gave him CPR. They brought him to the ER: he was 72 degrees. He flatlined, but then came back. They used the defibrillator on Chad 13 times, put in a chest tube and got his pulse steady enough to be transported to Doernbecher, where he saw Dr. Braner. He gave it to us straight: They weren't sure if they could revive Chad, and he might have no brain activity. Even with this news, it felt good to be at Doernbecher, because it was the best.

They kept Chad in an induced coma and really cold, to hopefully minimize any brain damage. As they brought him out of the coma, slowly, and started to warm him up, he started bleeding, and it wasn't stopping. The doctors soon realized that the bleeding was coming from the blood vessels where the chest tube had been put in. That stopped the bleeding. Then he was on oxygen for a few days, but we were able to take him off.

Chad was able to go home in 10 days. He's doing great. He's doing track this year; he's lost a lot of weight, but he is in great shape and has a strong will. Chad's still my little boy, even though he's 15.

I'm so glad we were at Doernbecher; I want everyone to know how amazing they are. You never think you're going to go there, you never know what's there until you need it. The skill level there is incredible. We'll never be the same because of those people. They saved his life. They treated us like family.

In situations like these, there are two patients: the parents and the child. At Doernbecher, they took care of all of us.

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