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Calder's Story

I know how lucky we are; our middle of the night trip to Dornbecher seemed like a nightmare that faded with the rising sun. It started when Calder woke in the middle of the night acting strange, crying and having foamy bowl movements. I knew something wasn't right so we headed of to Urgent Care. Calder was under 2 so he didn't have words to tell us what was wrong. They took an x-ray of his torso and the doc came in with a shocked look on his face and said "Here's the x-ray. Your son has a tunneling of his bowels (Intussusception) that needs to be treated immediately. You need to go to Dornbecher."

I prayed all the way up the hill and met my husband there. After a short time we were checked in and the doctors said they wanted to try an air enema to see if it would work, but the risk might be that the bowel could tear and then Calder would need surgery. The doctors were very kind, efficient and so very helpful especially since this had to be around 3 in the morning! The procedure worked and we were discharged as the sun began to peak up over the city. We were thankful for Calder's health and that our family was able to board a plane to Michigan the next morning to spend Christmas with the extended family. I believe this night was one of the quiet miracles that Dornbecher staff make happen everyday. Calder is a happy 1st grader now and he ran his first Shamrock Run this year. My sincere thanks to everyone at Dornbechers.

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