My Doernbecher Story

Caitlyn's Story

Caitlyn has been a patient at Doernbecher since her diagnosis of Osteosarcoma in 07'. Living on 10s for most of her 6th grade year. Her most recent diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma in 2010, once again made her a 'regular' to the 10s inpatient and clinic.

Although she is off treatment now and only 'visits' to check for tumor progression and port flushes, Doernbecher remains to be a constant in her life. The staff of the 10s inpatient and clinic has become a second family to our family. Even with the unfortunate circumstances of why Caitlyn comes to Doernbecher, we can't imagine having to fight this battle with any other group of medical professionals and friends! Thank you Doernbecher for never giving up hope.

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