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Cade's Story

At age two, our normally energetic son Cade was listless with bruises all over his body. When we came to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, doctors found his white blood cell count was off the charts: it was leukemia.

Over the next several months, his trademark Superman pajamas gave him the courage to face his chemo and - in a move worthy of the real Man of Steel - help other kids be brave too.

Coming to our rescue was another kind of hero, pediatric oncologist Linda Stork, M.D. With skill and compassion, she helped Cade through the tough times. After two years of maintenance chemo, Cade has been cured and we thank Dr. Stork for saving his life.

Today, when Cade’s not busy saving the world, you can find him splashing wildly in the pool or tearing around the playground. Words can’t express how delighted we are to see our son return to every day childhood activities.

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Anni Miller

My adorable grandson Cade is now 10 and a caring, loving, strong Superman! He is wise beyond his years and is shooting for Stanford some day. Dr. Stork and her team is nothing short of spectacular....we owe them and our faith his life. We are indebted to DCH and are so blessed to have this excellent facility in our state. Anytime we can raise funds, do radiothons, drop off toys, or contribute, we try to help for their continued research.
Cade continues to blossom....he and I will always share a special bond from all our days in the hospital, at the clinic, and snuggling in those super hero jammies. Cade's Team was an amazing journey, but his life is just beginning!
Who knows, maybe my super hero will emulate our super hero, Dr. Linda Stork!

Posted Nov 28 2012 10:25:31:377PM