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Boaz's Story

An ultrasound when I was pregnant with our son Boaz showed that he had Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart condition that prevents the blood from getting enough oxygen. Dr. Brendan Kelly was our pediatric cardiologist, and he was great - gentle, helpful and informative.

When Boaz was born, his pulmonary valve needed to be enlarged, to ensure enough oxygen could get into his heart and lungs. Dr. Laurie Armsby performed pulmonary valve dilation, a noninvasive procedure that delayed his need for surgery. That helped his oxygen level increase to 90 percent. After Boaz had heart surgery at six months old, his oxygen level is now close to 100 percent.

The nurses were terrific at explaining what the goal was for each day, whether it was being able to hold him or getting him to drink a certain amount from the bottle. That helped us see his progress. It was such an emotional period. Everything was happening at once.

The whole team was so caring and loving. Everyone was that way: People would stop by and check in on him on their own personal time.

And now? He’s happy. And he’s gaining weight like crazy.

I researched where we should go for care, not just in this area, but across the country. Doernbecher was my top choice: I felt confident in the doctors and the team, they’re knowledgeable and they care about their patients very much. We’re forever thankful to Doernbecher.

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Just wanted to say think you for sharing your sons story. My son has DORV, VSD, ASD, BAV, PH, and muscle bundle.. Doernbecher has been amazing for us.. My son Timothy had his first heart surgery at 7 1/2 months old... God Bless.

Posted May 25 2013 06:41:01:320PM


Thank you for sharing your story. My son was born with ASD, VSD and PDA in 2008 and had surgery at three months. Now he is being monitored for an acquired Mitral Valve leak and has another surgery in his future. For now he is doing well. Myself and some other local families have started a local support group in Greater Portland for heart families. :)

Posted Mar 27 2012 05:36:00:000PM