My Doernbecher Story

Blake's Story

Blake suffered from migraines on a daily basis. We took him to the doctor numerous times only be told that it's just a sinus infection or that it's allergies. We took Blake to the allergy specialist and they to say allergies going off his other chart notes. Blake delt with these migraines for 3 years while taking numerous medications. In the beginning of April 2014, Blake's migraines started to get worse; he would have them multiple times a day, he would refuse to eat anything ever so he lost weight. I knew something was wrong. I kept taking him back to his doctor and we kept getting told the same thing over and over again. On May 4th, 2014, Blake started to hold his head to the side and I kept asking him why and he would reply, "I don't know, Mommy," so I rushed him to the emergency room to find out what was wrong with him. The doctor came in and said it's water behind his ear drum knocking his equilibrium off, so more antibiotics. On June 5th, 2014, Blake woke up from sound asleep with a blood curdling scream that his head hurt so bad. I, being 35 weeks pregnant, carried him out to my car and rushed him back to the emergency room where we had just seen his doctor 2 days prior and I kept telling her something was wrong. Once we arrived at the emergency room the ER doc said Blake looked fine except his vision was a little off. I had told him what had been going on and that no one would listen to me. He asked if I wanted him to CT scan Blake's head and I replied yes, please. An hour later Blake laid down his head was hurting again,the doc came in crying and said I have some very bad news: Blake has a massive brain tumor and needs to be airlifed to Portland Doernbecher Hospital right now. His brain is severely swollen with massive hydrocephalus. They wouldn't let me fly because I was pregnant so dad flew and I drove. Blake's brain was so swollen they had to wait a couple days for the swelling to go down. My blood pressure went crazy so I was admitted to OHSU. Blake's brain tumor was successfully removed on June 8th by Dr. Lissa Baird. She saved my son's life; a couple more days he would have been gone. Blake's little sister Baylee was welcomed into the world on June 10th and the 3 of us all came home on the same day, which was my husband's and my anniversary.

Thank you, Doernbecher and OHSU for everything you do.

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