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Ali's Story

I’d consider myself a “lifer” at OHSU. From my primary care doctor to my gynecologist to the fertility clinic...all the specialists, the very best cutting-edge doctors are there. And when I developed preeclampsia 32 weeks into my pregnancy, they were there for me in ways I couldn’t even have imagined.

I got a call at work; they had my test results and asked me to come to the hospital. I stayed a bit longer at the office to finish some things, and the nurse called again and urged, “Ali, when are you coming in?”

I drove myself to the hospital, much to her horror. That weekend, I delivered my twins, Jack and Cole - eight weeks early.

They were taken right to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which I was expecting. I was surprised - in a good way - that the NICU wasn’t nearly as clinical and stark as I thought it would be. It’s a stressful time, and the babies are in a fragile state. But the team made it so wonderful for us.

As a new parent, there’s so much learning: bells ringing, tubes everywhere. The nurses, they are angels. They don’t treat the babies like they’re sick, damaged or frail. You can tell how much they respect their jobs and life; with these tiny babies, they are all so kind, nurturing and patient. They let you do whatever you feel comfortable with; they help you do everything possible to bond with your baby. I knew my twins were in the most capable hands.

The twins now are healthy, strong and big. They’re a handful and cute as buttons.

When it comes to your kid’s health and Doernbecher, you don’t think twice - you just go. I wouldn’t consider anywhere else to take my boys but Doernbecher. It’s not simply the sheer amount of knowledge and expertise; it’s the innate sense of community. All of them: the doctors, the nurses, the people behind the front desk, they treat you like family. Amazing doctors like Dr. Saultz, Dr. Lee, Dr. Wyatt ...they’ll always be part of my family because I truly believe they helped me create my family!

I love that they’re pros and experts. But I go there because they can do everything under one roof. It truly is a community of care, all these wonderful people working together. Everyone is connected, everyone is working together, and everyone is looking out for you.

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