My Doernbecher Story

A mother's Story

In 2007, at the age of 1, my oldest son had a difficult staph infection. We took him to our local hospital in Ilwaco, WA several times to be treated and after a week, there was no improvement. The infection in his leg kept getting worse. Tests of the infection showed he had MRSA, and that combined with his high fever led local doctors to encourage us to take him to Doernbecher where they were more equipped to deal with MRSA.
We took the advice and after a 3 hour car ride, checked our baby into the ER. After assessing his leg, they decided he needed surgery to drain the infection ASAP followed by IV antibiotics. I was 20 and he was my first baby so I was extremely scared. The doctors at Doernbecher were so caring and compassionate that I knew he'd be in good hands. They let me stay with him up until the moment he was carted away for surgery. He was placed in a quarantine room after surgery and spent 4 days receiving amazing treatment. The best part was they allowed me and his dad to be right there by his side the whole time. The room had these chairs that folded into beds. They even provided our meals. They made us comfortable enough that we didn't have to worry about anything but our boy getting better, which was a relief considering we were 3 hours from home.
If any of my children experience a medical emergency or need intensive medical treatment, I will not hesitate to take them to Doernbecher. I think it's the only place I'd trust.

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