Morgyn's Story:

I was born in October in 1989 with a condition called hydrocephalus and a shunt was placed a few weeks after birth. In 1992 Dr. Joseph Piatt replaced the shunt on three separate occasions within a 7-week period. All was well until 1997 when Dr....


Lisa's Story:

Lisa's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Rowan's Story:

When Rowan was born, we had no clue that he had Down Syndrome, despite all of the prenatal testing. Due to his condition he also was born with an AV canal (three holes in his heart). The many tests that were to ensue...


Jadyn's Story:

In December of 2012 our sweet Jadyn began vomiting with little warning on occasion and having sporadic headaches and times where she was complaining that her head felt 'busy'. From December to late February this continued. Although all of this...


Ryan's Story:

OHSU Doernbecher and Dr. Nathan Selden (and team) helped our 11yo little girl, Ryan, conquer Chiari Malformation! Here is Ry-Ry Butterfly wearing Chiari purple atop the tram platform on 1/7/15, eight months after our Chiari journey began, and...


Blake's Story:

Blake suffered from migraines on a daily basis. We took him to the doctor numerous times, only be told that it was just a sinus infection or that it was allergies...


Ella's Story:

Ella's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Miriam's Story:

Today marks one year since my 10-year-old daughter called from school. She had been throwing up, and the headache that had plagued her for the last several weeks was getting worse. We took her to see her primary care doctor that day. He gave her...

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Mallory's Story:

It will be 11 years since Doernbecher children s hospital saved my life on February 3. I was seventeen years old and my heart needed to be repaired because is was giving up i had an ASD. I had some pretty major complications 2 weeks after the...