My Breast Cancer Story

Yvonne's Story

Yvonne's Story

I was at the grocery store one day, very tired, cart full of food. Had a large grocery line ahead of me. So I approached the belt, and a woman and her daughter were behind me. At the time I thought, "Oh, mine is going to take forever," so I told them to go ahead of me. They both looked at me — this 10–year old girl and her darling mother. And they said, "Oh no, we want to help unload your cart." There I was with tears running down my face at the grocery store while these lovely angels unloaded my cart, and told me that I was someone they wanted to help because they could tell I was going through what was a very difficult time. The girl just smiled and helped her mom unload the cart. Never said a word. When I was all done and they were all finished with the cart, I thought "You know what, angels come in all sizes." When you go through breast cancer, that’s the thing you want to watch for: They're everywhere!


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