My Breast Cancer Story

Gail's Story

Gail's Story

I have always had a yearly mammogram. I never thought I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. I eat healthy foods and take care of myself. Two years ago, just before Christmas, my yearly mammogram showed 3 little clusters of calcium. Calcium deposits are normal in breast tissue but when they cluster, it is usually a sign of cancer. After more tests, a lumpectomy was ordered. The cancer was non-invasive. The margins were not as clean as my breast surgeon would have liked and she advised another surgery, just to make sure. On that second time in, a very, very small invasive cancer was discovered. After my breast surgeon presented my case to other breast surgeons, the recommendation was made for me to have a mastectomy, which I did. I take medication everyday and will for another 3 years. I see an oncologist every 8 months, for blood work. I am strong and healthy. I am thankful for a supportive family and for a conscientious, supportive, and thorough breast surgeon, Dr. Judith Richmond.


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