Pseudoephedrine Dose Table  
Pseudoephedrine Dosage Table
Child's weight
Liquid 15 mg/1 teaspoon (tsp)½¾12--tsp
Liquid 15 mg/ 5 milliliters (ml)2.5457.510--ml
Chewable 15 mg----124tablets
Tablets 30 mg--------12tablets
Tablet 60 mg----------1tablet


When to Use. Treatment of nasal congestion (stuffiness).

Table Notes:

  • AGE LIMIT. Don't use under 4 years of age.
    • Reason 1: Not approved by FDA.
    • Reason 2: Risk of dosing error causing high blood pressure.
  • CAUTION. Never give 2 cough or cold medicines at the same time. (Reason: May share an ingredient and cause poisoning). If under 6 years, don't give products with more than one ingredient in them. (FDA recommendations 10/2008)
  • BEHIND THE COUNTER. Pseudoephedrine products are found behind the counter of pharmacies since 2006. Ask a pharmacist for help in finding these medicines.
  • DOSE. Find the child's weight in the top row of the dose table. Look below the correct weight for the dose based on the product you have.
  • MEASURE the DOSE. Syringes and droppers are more accurate than teaspoons. If possible, use the syringe or dropper that comes with the medicine.  If not, you can get a med syringe at drug stores. If you use a teaspoon, it should be a measuring spoon. (Reason: regular spoons are not reliable.) Keep in mind 1 level teaspoon equals 5 ml and that ½ teaspoon equals 2.5 ml.  
  • HOW OFTEN. Repeat every 6 hours as needed.
  • ADULT DOSE. 60 mg.

Author and Senior Reviewer: Barton D. Schmitt, M.D.

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