Under-recognized Complications of Adult Congenital Heart Disease

11/5/2008 - Webcast

Guests Include:

Craig Broberg M.D.
Cardiologist, Director of Adult Congenital Heart Program
Dr. Broberg is Director of Adult Congenital Heart Program. He specializes in adult congenital heart disease and non-invasive imaging, particularly cardiac MRI. Dr. Broberg received his medical degree from the University of San Francisco and completed his residency at University of Washington in Seattle.

Joseph Weiss M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Weiss is a cardiologist specializing adult congenital heart disease at Oregon Health and Science University. He received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. He later completed his residency at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

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Significant numbers of people are born with heart defects, many with congenital lesions. But as a result of dramatic improvements in surgical and medical therapies in recent decades, many who might otherwise not have survived are now patients in adulthood. Still, even with surgical intervention, these patients remain vulnerable to the risks and complications of congenital heart disease. Join two Oregon Health and Science University experts, Dr. Craig Broberg and Dr. Joseph Weiss, as they unravel misconceptions and underline important factors for a disease that is often under-recognized. Both experts will help us understand long-term issues that commonly arise, the role of congenital heart disease in pregnancy, and simple to severe complications of this disease. Tune in to hear a conversation with highly knowledgeable experts for a closer look into a condition many are living with.