Heart Disease in Women

7/22/2009 - Webcast

Diana Rinkevixh, M.D.
Director of the Heart Disease in Women Program
Associate Professor, School of Medicine,
Oregon Health & Science University

About Heart Disease in Women:
Heart disease is the leading killer of American women, overall taking more lives than breast cancer and even all cancers combined. It's sometimes harder to detect in women, and often women have very different symptoms than men. On this Ask the Expert program, hear from a leading researcher and physician about how recent technologies, including the use of microbubble technology, are giving women a better chance at identifying and treating the problem earlier.

Dr. Diana Rinkevich speaks to the common misconceptions about heart disease and what women can do to protect themselves. What is the link between diabetes and heart disease? What is the role of exercise in prevention? Dr. Rinkevich answers these question, while making the point that to protect your heart, you must address all the factors that can contribute to the problem. By doing just 4 things -- eating right, being physically active, not smoking, and keeping a healthy weight -- you can reduce your risk of heart disease by as much as 82 percent. Learn what you can do to protect yourself, as well as simple tests your doctor can perform to help monitor your heart and keep it healthy.

Learn more about our Women's Heart Program.

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