Your vision is important. Choose the best cataract surgery team.

OHSU Casey Eye Institute is a world-recognized academic eye center that attracts top eye care specialists from around the globe. Our cataract experts are dedicated to helping you achieve the best vision possible through their expertise with the latest treatments and technologies.

At OHSU Casey Eye Institute, we have:

  • Five surgeons willing to devote as much time as needed before and after cataract surgery.
  • Availability within one to two weeks for a cataract consultation.
  • The latest equipment in laser assisted cataract surgery.
  • Technology that can correct astigmatism.
  • The latest intraocular lens technology.
  • Surgeons and physicians with subspecialties in eye health, available for referral for glaucoma or other eye issues.
  • A specialized nursing staff praised by patients for their compassion, expertise and technical skills.
  • A dedicated anesthesia staff, skilled at working with patients undergoing eye procedures.
  • Experience with difficult and complex cataract surgery.