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Question mark on plate

Your best self at any age

Do you know what steps you can take to be your best self at any age? You probably know the basics: eat right, exercise regularly, reduce your stress, but do you know how often you should get a Pap test or when you should start getting screened for colorectal cancer?

There's no better time than now (and National Women's Health Week) for a refresher course on the "regular" stuff and a reminder that we have resources to help you answer these questions and manage your own health.

One Key Question

Soon women of reproductive age in Oregon may start hearing their healthcare provider ask a seemingly simple question: would you like to become pregnant in the next year?

The One Key Question Initiative (OKQ) is the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health's groundbreaking, yet simple, solution to making Oregon women and families healthier and ensures that more pregnancies are wanted, planned and as healthy as possible.

Women's health events in May

Community partner events
13 - OWHN Lecture: Healthy Communities. Healthy Families. Healthy Women.
21 - American Heart Association: Heart & Stroke Walk

OHSU lectures and events
10 - Oregon Nutrition Day - Appetite: Why Do We Eat What We Eat
11 - Menopause 101: Back to Basics on Symptoms, Treatment Options and Sex
12 - Baby Talk with OHSU Fertility Consultants
17 - Can Heart Disease be Prevented Naturally?

And don't forget to check us out on Facebook for more upcoming events and other women's health and wellness information.

Dr. Marie Equi

Women Who Inspire Us
Moms (past, present and future)

With May also comes Mother's Day and a great opportunity to salute all the women who helped make you, well, you! So, here's to all the moms, grandmoms and any other special women out there -- we hope you're feeling happy, healthy and loved on your special day.

Mother's Day also gives us a moment to illuminate some of the hardships many women encounter in their path to motherhood. We hope you take the time to explore The International Museum of Women's online exhibition: Mama, Motherhood around the Globe, and learn how women around the world experience issues from pregnancy and childbirth to finding work-life balance.

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