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Prep for the Test—and Save Your Life

Women are the ultimate multitaskers—taking care of everyone and everything—yet we frequently avoid a single screening test that can literally save our lives. Planning a colonoscopy can feel awkward, yet it is well-worth having because colorectal cancers can be prevented and even cured quickly IF detected early. This highly preventable form of cancer causes nearly 50,000 deaths per year in the United States, partly because people are not getting screening tests.

Screening tests are important because they detect precancerous polyps and early stage colorectal cancer which often does not cause symptoms. And now, there are less-invasive tests to consider as well. Screening for colorectal cancer should begin at 50 or earlier if you have certain risk factors such as inflammatory bowel disease or a family member who has had colorectal cancer.
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Weight Loss Surgery Combats Obesity

The causes of obesity and excess weight are extremely complex. Though no one entirely understands our obesity epidemic, we know that obesity has a strong genetic component, as well as environmental, biochemical, and psychological origins. For many it's not simply a matter of "will power."
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Women Who Inspire Us: Katie Couric

Journalist and author Katie Couric has interviewed luminaries from all over the world—but the thing that inspires us most is her passionate advocacy for health care screenings.

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Events in July

9-10: American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay: Tigard and Tualatin
22-23: American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay: Beaverton
26: OHSU Ask the Health Expert Beaverton: Integrating Natural Products with Chemotherapy

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