Ultrasound Education

OHSU has been using ultrasound in emergency medicine since 2000. The division of emergency ultrasound includes 3 dedicated EM Faculty responsible for medical student, resident and faculty education as well as quality assurance and coordination of the Ultrasound Fellowship. We use ultrasound for all core and advanced uses in emergency medicine. Our emergency ultrasound faculty meets weekly for video review with residents and students.

We also offer EM ultrasound courses for local and regional hospitals to assist with education, credentialing and billing.

Image of the Month

A 22 year old female presents with abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.

US shows the following:

  1. What structure is visualized?
  2. What is the diagnosis?
  1. Uterus in endovaginal view with gestational sac and yolk sac
  2. IUP
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