Publications: Academic Year 2010-11

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Association between emergency department resources and diagnosis of intimate partner violence.
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Using information technology to improve the quality and safety of emergency care.
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Out-of-hospital decision making and factors influencing the regional distribution of injured patients in a trauma system.
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Effect of an educational intervention on faculty and resident satisfaction with real-time feedback in the emergency department.
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Change of shift. Conveyance of grief.
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Gastric and esophageal emergencies.
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Trauma in the neighborhood: a geospatial analysis and assessment of social determinants of major injury in North America.
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Variation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest resuscitation and transport practices in the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium: ROC Epistry-Cardiac Arrest.
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A proposal to limit otoscopy to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics: a call for research.
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Should acute treatment with inhaled beta agonists be withheld from patients with dyspnea who may have heart failure?
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STORC safety initiative: a multicentre survey on preparedness & confidence in obstetric emergencies.
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Emergency Medicine Residency Applicants' Perceptions about Being Contacted after Interview Day.
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The association of controlling pseudoephedrine availability on methamphetamine-related emergency department visits.
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Rural-urban disparities in child abuse management resources in the emergency department.
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