What makes RAMPART different from other research studies?

Unlike most research studies, the individual participating in RAMPART will not be able to provide permission or consent before treatment is given because he/she is having a seizure and is unconscious. Therefore, RAMPART will be conducted under federal rules that allow a waiver or exception from informed consent for emergency research (EFIC) studies. More information regarding these special rules can be found on our EFIC information page.

What are the risks of participating?

The two medications used in this study are already used every day to treat seizures in ambulances and hospitals. The risks of these medications, and other medications used to treat seizures are similar. They include possible pain, discomfort, or inflammation where you got the injection in the muscle or vein, slowed breathing, drowsiness, agitation, confusion, and other changes in behavior.

What are the benefits of participating?

The patients treated in this study may directly benefit from their participation. They may get treated with a medicine that makes seizures stop more quickly. Faster control of seizures is thought to reduce the risk of further seizures and improve patient recovery. Participants in research are also helping others. Because of what we learn in this study, patients with seizures may get better care in the future.

What if I choose not to participate?

You do not have to participate in the study. If you do not participate in the study, you will receive the standard treatment used by paramedics in your community. Because paramedics must act quickly to treat seizures, and because you cannot tell paramedics your wishes while you are seizing, the only way to let paramedics know that you do not want to participate in this study is to have your wishes noted on a medical bracelet. Patients who have seizures often wear such tags. Paramedics check these tags as part of their emergency evaluation. If the words "No Study" are on your bracelet, you will not be enrolled in RAMPART.

If you choose not to participate, please call 503-494-9771, or fill out an Opt-Out Form that you should return either via fax, email, or mail: