Oregon POLST Registry

The Oregon POLST Registry is an electronic record of POLST forms designed to provide POLST orders to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) if the POLST form cannot be immediately found.


Terri Schmidt

The Oregon POLST Registry began under the leadership of Susan Tolle, MD and Terri Schmidt, MD, MS in January 2008 in response to a need expressed by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to access POLST orders when they arrive on the scene of a medical emergency, and cannot immediately locate an original POLST form. The development of the test and pilot systems were funded by a grant from the Greenwall Foundation along with additional private philanthropy. The Registry's success is built upon a foundation of interdisciplinary collaboration. The Oregon Registry (OPR) is managed and operated by the OHSU Department of Oregon Health Authority Logo Emergency Medicine through a contract with the Oregon Health Authority. OPR partners with the Oregon POLST Task Force, the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care, and the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine to help ensure EMS and other health care providers have access to a patient's POLST orders when they are most needed.


The volume of calls to the Oregon POLST Registry Hotline, housed at the OHSU Emergency Communications Center (ECC), has consistently increased since the Registry began in 2009. In 2015 the ECC received 1583 emergent POLST form requests. These calls connect Emergency Medical Services to POLST form orders and connect patients to the level of care they desire. The success of the Registry continues to grow and POLST forms are now being received from all counties in Oregon.

For More Information

Please visit our full website www.orpolstregistry.org

Contact us at:
Local Phone: 503-418-4083
Toll free: 877-367-7657
E-mail: polstreg@ohsu.edu

Reports and Publications

The 2016 Oregon POLST Registry Annual Report is now available.
Download the 2016 Annual Report  

Additional documents, including previous reports, can be found online at the full Oregon POLST Registry site.


The mission of the Oregon POLST Registry is to connect emergency health care professionals with their patients' POLST orders to facilitate compassionate, desired health care during a crisis. We strive to increase accessibility to POLST orders to support continuity of care across health services platforms. The Oregon POLST Registry fosters innovation by creating new ways to securely access health information.

Program Goals

The Oregon POLST Registry keeps a secure electronic record of a person's POLST orders. The Registry is designed to allow health care professionals treating a patient access to their POLST orders if the paper POLST form cannot be found. Our goal is to connect providers to POLST forms and connect patients to the level of care they desire. The Registry aims to ensure that the treatment wishes of Oregonians are made available when they are most needed.

Emergency Access

EMS, Emergency Departments, and ICUs have 24/7/365 access to the Oregon POLST Registry. Emergency health care professionals should call the Registry Hotline for all immediate POLST form requests. To obtain the Registry Hotline number, contact the business office at 877-367-7657. For more EMS specific information or to set up a training for your team click here.

Form Submission

To learn about POLST form submission requirements please visit our full website at www.orpolstregistry.org