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How would this benefit you?

The CRISP program provides a community outreach to local area undergraduate institutions. As mentioned before, it provides an outlet for students and others interested in health care related careers by exposing them to research methods and clinical medicine by spending time collecting data and observing unfettered rhythms of patient care in an urban Emergency Department. Also, the EM faculty and residents try to dedicate as much time as they can to share educational opportunities with volunteers. There has been consistent positive feedback from more than 250 former and current volunteers that were accepted into medical, nursing, and physician assistant programs that the CRISP program provided them with essential clinical experience which would not have been accessible otherwise.

Bedside The faculty at CRISP are fully supportive of the research volunteers and readily available to help discuss future career plans as well as assist volunteers in whatever manner possible required to advance toward their career goals. The director, Dr. Benjamin Sun, makes every attempt available to discuss AMCAS applications, personal statements, the MCAT or any other concerns regarding career choices as well as the CRISP program itself. The CRISP program has excellent potential to lend insight into what is required of medical professionals, the characteristics of the job and the people who do it. It is Dr. Sun's firm belief that CRISP is a fertile ground for cultivating what he considers to be many of the qualities required to excel in the medical profession. Those include:

  1. Character
  2. Integrity
  3. Unequaled Work Ethic

A research volunteer's ability to conduct precise data gathering in a dynamic and often times hectic environment will test all three of those qualities and help determine, in an objective fashion, how a future in medicine might (or, just as importantly, might not) appeal to volunteers.

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