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Commitment and Attendance

Observation opportunities await The type of research we perform requires a great deal of commitment from the faculty members to design projects that will yield valid and useful information. It is our hope that the knowledge gleaned from these studies will be presented at national level meetings and in some way may affect the practice patterns of our colleagues. The quality of any project is never greater than the quality of the data collected---low quality, spotty data equals a low quality project with marginal findings. However, the converse is also very true-high quality data coupled to a well designed project may yield extremely valuable information. The point of this observation is to day please pay very close attention to how you go about collecting the data-attention to detail is paramount. We track accuracy and data quality because we have to; it is imperative that when faculty members present their data at national level meetings that there be no questions regarding the quality of the data - we want to be able to say our volunteers are stone cold accurate in their data collection skills (and we want to say it with pride).

Attendance to shifts is a mandatory component of the program-please do not commit to shifts you know you cannot attend. If for some reason you are not able to attend a shift it is very important to attempt to get a substitute. Empty shifts means blank areas in the data collection which can have significant effects on the data quality. As future professionals I cannot stress enough the importance of dependability-it is one of the most important qualities you can possess. I pay close attention to attendance and even closer attention to those individuals who step up and absorb extra shifts on short notice to cover an anticipated absence.

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Interested in volunteering?

Who should apply?

  • Pre-Health Students who are highly disciplined and motivated.
  • Individuals able to commit to 2 four hour shifts for the first session (12-14 weeks), then after first session, able to commit to a single four hour shift per week for the remaining 9 months.
    1 year minimum commitment.

E-mail us at to begin the process.

Once we receive your interest email, you will be notified with one time e-mail about the CRISP application process. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applicants, we will be unable to verify receipt of your documents/enquiries via phone.

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