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Observation Philosophy - A Survivors Guide:

Let me first express our gratitude for your participation; without you a great many research questions would go unanswered for lack of data collection. It is our intent for you, as a participant in the program, to have as rich an experience as possible. The best way to maximize your experience is have an observant eye not just for potential study subjects but also for interesting clinical scenarios. There is a great temptation to retreat to the glassed in corner of the Emergency Department dedicated to the CRISP program and attempt to observe from afar. This tendency must resisted - there is a lot going on at times that may not be readily appreciated from your position at the computer.

Observation opportunities await Effectively and gracefully managing your presence is an important skill for anyone in the medical profession and CRISP will teach you those skills both in your research and observation capacities. Periodic walks about the department, particularly in the areas of the resuscitation rooms, will frequently afford you the chance to observe a critical resuscitation or to see an interesting clinical entity elsewhere. The resident physicians and faculty within our department are very accustomed to your presence and will invite you in where it seems appropriate (which is often). There will be occasions where the presence of non-clinical personnel is not desirable and during those times you will be asked to maintain your distance - this will not be frequent. The OHSU faculty and residents are amongst the most congenial group of residents I have ever been associated with please feel free to approach them.

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