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Antimicrobial Resistance and the Treatment of UTIs in the ED
Principal Investigator: Robert Norton, MD

Demographic, Clinical and Behavioral Characteristics associated with Patient Delay in Seeking Treatment for Heart Failure: A pilot study
Principal Investigator: Mohamud Daya, MD

Electronic Public Health Surveillance of Asthma in an ED
Principal Investigator: Bev Bauman, MD

Observation Unit Patient Satisfactory Survey
Principal Investigator: Robert Norton, MD

Prevalence and risk factors for community associated methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection: The EMERGEncy ID Net Study Group
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Jui, MD

Reasons Patients Choose Ambulance Transport and Their Willingness to Consider Alternatives
Principal Investigator: Raymond Moreno, MD

Surveillance for Uropathogen Antimicrobial Resistance Among Emergency Department Patients with Acute Pyelonephritis: Identification of Associated Risk Factors and Outcomes
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Jui, MD

Understanding the Impact of OHP Changes on Emergency Medicine Departments
Principal Investigator: Bob Lowe, MD

Epidemiology of RSV in infants in the Emergency Dept
Principal Investigator: David Spiro, MD, MPH

Measuring Nausea in the Emergency Department: An Observational Study Evaluating Three Different Measures of Nausea
Principal Investigator: Rob Cloutier, MD

Prediction of Prolonged Pain and Disability following Rib Fractures
Principal Investigator: John Mayberry, MD

Bedside Occular Ultrasound and Neuro-ophthalmologic Examination for the Evaluation of Suspected Pediatric Ventricular Shunt Failure in the ED
Principal Investigator: Garth Meckler, MD, MSHS

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