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Working Together
Utilization of Emergency Departments for Possible Exposures to Biological Weapons
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Jui, MD

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Community-Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Pneumonia: The EMERGEncy ID Net Study Group
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Jui, MD

Attitudes and Perceptions of Emergency Department (ED) Patients Regarding Medical Students
Principal Investigator: Nicole DeOrio, MD & Lalena Yarris, MD

A Multicenter Pilot Study of an Educational and Clinical Tobacco Control Intervention for Emergency Physicians
Principal Investigator: Bob Lowe, MD & Annette Adams, PhD

Optimizing fluid resuscitation in sepsis
Principal Investigator: Charlie Phillips, MD

Provider Estimates of Patient Satisfaction in the Emergency Department
Principal Investigator: Lalena Yarris, MD

Vital Signs Monitor Clinical Studies
Principal Investigator: Rob Cloutier, MD

Observations of Haemorrhage in Traumatic Brain Injury
Principal Investigator: Jerris Hedges, MD

N-Acetylcysteine as Prophylaxis for Patients At Risk of Acute Renal Failure
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Komisarof, MD

Impact of Cutbacks in the Oregon Health Plan on Access to Care and Medical Outcomes: A case series
Principal Investigator: Briar Ertz-Berger, MD

A prospective trial of the biphasic aPTT waveform to differentiate severe sepsis from SIRS
Principal Investigator: Daniel Hagg, MD

Effect of Influenza Vaccination Shortage on Emergency Department Patients
Principal Investigator: Damon Kuehl, MD & John McConnell, PhD

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